Savage Harvest 1981





Savage.Harvest.1981 was an unforgettable movie we watched as kids. It was more due to the no-brainer subject of lions attacking humans. Really an interesting movie even today for kids to watch and be fascinated by the beasts of the beasts of jungle.

It is really hard to find a copy of the same. See IMDB link here for more info.

If anyone wants a VHS2DVD2AVI RIP file please find here…click over > THIS <

 to download the movie torrent.


29 thoughts on “Savage Harvest 1981

  1. thanks for giving information to download the movie “Savage Harvest”. I am looking for this movie’s dvd, but not found. At last I got it . Really a great movie i have ever seen.

  2. I have downloaded the movie drom the link that you have provided but it plays only the audio can’t see video of the movie, does it require any diffrent player to see

  3. Dear Friends,

    I am also looking for this movie desperately.

    kindly help me with it. It is a great movie reminding me of my childhood memories

    i hope someone would help me have the CD.

  4. Hey …asimpleson and edwin…whoever you are…thank you very very much for putting this movie online…have been wanting to watch this for the longest time ever…and thanks to u guys finally managed to download it…!!!!

    1. Read the blog again if you havent.
      The movie plays with divx and/or xvid compatible mpeg4 hardware players.
      Alternatively best way to watch is on dektop pc or laptop.

      Computer related instructions.
      Download video thru torrent. (could take few hours to weeks – depends on your broadband internet speed.)
      Install divx and xvid codec if not present (freeware).
      Install media player classic (just to be safe – most other players work too).

      Enjoy the movie.

  5. Hey there. Thankyou very much for the link. I hope the file downloads well. I guess i can spare the best of bandwidth from my end for this movie.
    I had been lookin for this movie for a long long time. Not only over internet but at the oldest video parlours in my area. I have fainted memories of this movie, infact I remember a scene or two. I watched it when I was a kid. I clearest of the scenes I remember is something when the little boy and the sister are somewhere on the roof, screaming for help, with a pride of lion all over below. We had a VHS of this movie which I used to watch on my VCR (which had a status of Blue Ray Disc these days).

    Lastly, thanks again.

    Cheers & Regards
    Shailesh Johar

  6. Hey Guys and Gals….
    i watched this movie when i was a kid…. now i want to watch it again just to go back into past and relish the same feeling which i had while watching that….

    can anyone one of you please help me finding the movie…if anyone can send me the link or something which can help me see this movie ,that would be lovely… thanks in advance…

  7. hi,
    Thank for giving information about savage harvest. please send some more movies names which is related to lions of africa.

  8. Shawn, yes you should have a page on Facebook because you do still have fans that would be curious to what you are doing now. I can remember being around 13 or so and loved watching you on Eight is Enough. Bought all the teens magazines you were in and joined your fan club. In fact, I named a stuffed frog of yours “Lucky” in a contest and received a phone call from you. I was so excited!! Now 43, I still have fond memories of that 🙂

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