VistaDrive.exe !?

Many people including myself find the VistaDrive.exe sitting in the background application service of their Task Manager. Many believe this is a virus, others a spyware, but I believe it is a dumb dodo like application annoying and bothering many who dont remember why and where this application came from.

A detailed search in registry found me this uninstall string.

(copy and paste command below in Run command box of windows)

rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\WINDOWS\INF\Vdrive.inf,uninstall

Seems this software is developed by one KelCorp Software co.

On googling ‘KelCorp’ found this –

It is an XP Disk Drive Icon to Vista Drive icon replacement program
which IMHO doesnt do much good. Best to get rid of !


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